Labour Party UK beliefs and position in society

After months of disunity, the question remains: Will Labour split? A potential reconciliation of the party is no longer a question as friction among party members has caused conflict and divide due to a dissonance of Labour Party UK beliefs. Following this summer, opinion polls show a political split caused by infighting that has occurred in the party. The Labour Party UK beliefs are predominately moderate, although due to increasing grass-roots membership, there has become a growth in the left-wing participation which has caused for disunity of party ideals. The Electoral aftermath of a party split is minimal relative to Britain’s constitutive districts, being that votes cast are not proportionate to seats divided. This dissent could hypothetically lead to dire consequence for the moderate Labour members of parliament depending on how the split is divided across districts the party holds. Whichever wing of the Labour Party retains the party name would keep two-thirds of the current votes, which is a vote share currently 10% lower than the last election. According to estimates, such a movement may cause a loss of thirty-eight seats in the 600-seat House of Commons. Thus, a split would be the worst decision for the UK Labour Party, despite a movement in beliefs.

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