Labour Party UK policies and practises

Labour Party UK policies aim to make the UK a greater place to live and cut the budget deficit every year by making smarter and fairer spending decisions. All of Labour’s policies are already funded, and will not require further financial support. This means that UK citizens will not incur further tax to fund government projects. The Labour party also aims to better the NHS system by reducing wait times to a maximum of 48 hours to access a GP and a one week turn around on vital cancer test. Labour also intends to create a 21st-century health care system by improving holistic care, mental health support and easier access for the vulnerable such as the elderly. Other Labour Party UK policies address the minimum wage, freezing utility price increases until 2017, doubling the duration and amount offered for paid paternity leave, and a further 10 hours added to the amount of free childcare families have access to. This is just the beginning of the change in the policies and Labour wants to make decisions based on results and not politics. The UK leadership contest is an ‘ugly mess’ according to Kezia Dugdale who wants to shift focus to Scottish domestic politics. Dugdale would like Labour leaders to focus on the job at hand, rather than allowing conflict to overshadow any attempts to create a better future and reductions to public services funding.

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