Labour Party vs Conservative Party on What’s Next After Brexit

Following the Brexit vote, comparison on Labour Party vs Conservative Party shows that the UK economy will continue to receive influence from both parties. The Conservation Party, however, will retain two-thirds of the votes as it has a majority in Parliament and controls the UK government. Differentiating Labour Party vs Conservative Party, the former appears to be breaking apart after a poll showed that voters were leaving because of immigration while the latter needs a replacement for Prime Minister David Cameroon who resigned after the vote, though they are not sure who to choose after their favourite, Johnson, withdrew his name from contention. The remaining party members need to reconsider who is to lead them considering that Corbyn is likely to be re-elected.However, the UK economy seems to have been affected negatively which is contributed by the slump sterling that has increased costs. As it seems, this vote was from angry voters who felt neglected. According to key points of Theresa May’s speech at Conservative Party conference, the Government is in control of Brexit. She claims to have a mandate for radical reforms on talking UK out of EU. Companies and businesses employing foreigners and those ignorant to warning are also on the watch. May also said even though she was against Brexit she will respect the will of people and she will be with them all through.

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