• Brexit Opposition Remains a Big Hurdle for Theresa May

    Brexit Opposition Remains a Big Hurdle for Theresa May

    Brexit opposition continues to remain a big hurdle for Theresa May with the Lords playing a significant role in scrutinising Brexit-related legislation. Because of opposition around Brexit, now anti-Brexit campaigners are wanting to organise a huge protest march, taking inspiration from anti-Trump rallies. Also, meeting of Theresa May with Donald Trump is not helping matters. […]

  • Carwyn Jones

    Carwyn Jones’ Brexit outlook

    Brexit, a portmanteau of “British exit”, refers to the UK withdrawal from the European Union. However, as was predicted, it is proving to be far from being a simple process of withdrawal. With the Brexit court ruling challenge, Carwyn Jones has warned that challenging a high court ruling that MPs should be consulted regarding leaving […]

  • What

    What’s Next for the UK Welfare System

    There are quite a few changes coming to the benefits system which is going to affect older people as well. With the UK welfare system, Universal Credit is being rolled out nationally and will replace housing-, child tax-, income support-, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, working tax credit as well as income-related employment and support allowance for […]

  • Labour Party vs Conservative Party on What

    Labour Party vs Conservative Party on What’s Next After Brexit

    Following the Brexit vote, comparison on Labour Party vs Conservative Party shows that the UK economy will continue to receive influence from both parties. The Conservation Party, however, will retain two-thirds of the votes as it has a majority in Parliament and controls the UK government. Differentiating Labour Party vs Conservative Party, the former appears […]

  • Labour Party UK and Brexit overview

    Labour Party UK and Brexit overview

    Brexit is a short-hand way of saying that the UK is leaving the EU. After more than 30 million people voted in a national referendum, 52% voted that the UK should leave the EU. Brexit Secretary David Davis has proposed to formally sever the relationship with the EU by December 2018. The goal of Labour […]