Carwyn Jones’ Brexit outlook

Brexit, a portmanteau of “British exit”, refers to the UK withdrawal from the European Union. However, as was predicted, it is proving to be far from being a simple process of withdrawal. With the Brexit court ruling challenge, Carwyn Jones has warned that challenging a high court ruling that MPs should be consulted regarding leaving the EU would be a mistake. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty could not be triggered by the UK government without Parliamentary approval according to high court judges. Pointing to the referendum results, UK ministers will appeal. With the Brexit outlook, the position of the Welsh Government has been the same – to accept the decision made by the people and to work hard to get the best possible exit terms for Wales. First Minister Carwyn Jones outlined a number of priorities for protecting the interest of Wales after the UK voted to leave the EU. He added that with the Brexit outlook, the top priority is to protect the interests of Wales, to protect jobs and to ensure Wales is a net beneficiary from the EU.

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