Brexit Opposition Remains a Big Hurdle for Theresa May

Brexit opposition continues to remain a big hurdle for Theresa May with the Lords playing a significant role in scrutinising Brexit-related legislation. Because of opposition around Brexit, now anti-Brexit campaigners are wanting to organise a huge protest march, taking inspiration from anti-Trump rallies. Also, meeting of Theresa May with Donald Trump is not helping matters. The date is set for 25th March, the last weekend prior to May’s self-imposed time limit for the process of leaving the European Union. A spokesperson for Unite for Europe said that they were not under the delusion that the march would stop the article 50 being set off. He added that the march is about showing the strength of opinion with Brexit opposition. Theresa May takes control with opposition surrounding Brexit saying that if Britain goes into the world as a free-trading nation with trust in their own institutions as well as a smart approach to immigration, the country can be successful with her leading the way.

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