Labour Party UK and Brexit overview

Brexit is a short-hand way of saying that the UK is leaving the EU. After more than 30 million people voted in a national referendum, 52% voted that the UK should leave the EU. Brexit Secretary David Davis has proposed to formally sever the relationship with the EU by December 2018. The goal of Labour Party UK and Brexit is to regain control over the number of immigrants who come to Britain from Europe. But the question remains: What does Britain want from Brexit? No one really knows how the Brexit process will work, as it has never been used. Until then, EU citizens will be allowed to work unchecked in the UK, in accordance with European single market tariff-free trade. The Labour Party UK and Brexit will seek to tackle immigration concerns and legislate trade agreements with the EU. Brexit continues to define a halt in the “surge” in new immigrants, and the vote shows that the British people want to see a reduction in immigration.

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