Who is the leader of Labour Party UK

There has been a leadership contest in the Labour Party. In what is seen as a conciliatory move to unite the party members, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the party has proposed that a third of shadow cabinet posts be elected by the parliamentary party, another third by the leader and the final third by members. Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a return to the democratic procedure of electing leaders of the shadow cabinet. This will give members a chance to choose their representatives in the Shadow Cabinet
which was the procedure until 2011 when former leader of Labour Party UK, Ed Miliband, succeeded in persuading MPs to vote against shadow cabinet elections. The vote in 2011 led to the party leader having more freedom to nominate party members to the shadow cabinet. Mr Corbyn’s announcement has caused a heated debate within the party. Corbyn’s supporters have said that bringing back shadow elections is a good idea in supporting reforms and party democratisation. Corbny’s contender in the debate, Mr. Owen Smith, leader of Labour Party UK has called for unity ahead of the elections. Corbyn hopes to win the debate despite being unpopular with the PLP. The results of the debate will be announced on 24th September.

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